21 QUESTIONS with @buddylovesblythe

July 9th, 2020

Get to know Blythe Culley, aka Bob, our Merchandising Coordinator. Bob loves her puppy Rocky, Club Apple and cold beer. She's always a good time and is sure to keep you laughing! Everybody loves Bob. Be like Bob.

1. Becoming the president or becoming a singer? PRESIDENT

2. CapriSun or beer? BEER

3. Coach Taylor or Tim Riggins? COACH TAYLOR FOR SURE

4. Country or Hip Hop? COUNTRY

5. Snake skin or leopard? SNAKE

6. Yeehaw or yee yee? YEE YEE!!

7. Doing try-on videos or getting pranked by the Babes? GETTING PRANKED

8. Cheer or Teen Mom? CHEER

9. Lunchables or Ramen Noodles? LUNCHABLES

10. Nightclub or Netflix? NIGHTCLUB (Dallas favorite: High Fives)

11. Snow or sand? SAND

12. TikTok or Snapchat? TIKTOK (See video for Bob's best TikTok moves*)

13. Flava of Love or Rock of Love? ROCK OF LOVE

14. Disney kid or Nickelodeon kid? BOTH

15. Cowboy hat emoji or the double heart emoji? COWBOY HAT

16. Your dog, Rocky or roller blading? MY DOG ROCKY

17. Scrapbooking or inter-murals? INTER-MURALS

18. Writing product descriptions or designing the website? PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS

19. Stars games or Rangers games? RANGERS

20. Freckles or dimples? DIMPLES

21. Baker Dress or Connie Dress? CONNIE. FERRRSURE