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Boho Dresses Are Back, Check Out Our Boho Dress Collection!

Boho dresses are trending again. Not just among celebrities, but women everywhere are going back to the boho style. 

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What Exactly Are Boho Dresses?

There is a lot more to Boho Dresses than you may know. Boho is the short word used for bohemian. Boho Dresses are a style of dresses inspired not only by Bohemian women but also by the late 19th century pre-Raphaelite women, and the free-spirited hippies back in the 1960s and the 1970s. The stylish Boho Dresses for women feature a wide variety of earthy shades, natural materials, and hippie-inspired patterns.

Characteristics of the Boho Style

The Boho dress style is typically a modern mix of layers and colors with a unique blend of characteristics that captures a wide variety of values. This may include tiered skirts, long flowing, peasant blouses, floral tops, tunics, Sequin party dresses, floral dresses for women, and more, embroidered and/or embellished with jewelry, beading, or even flowers. Boho chic Dresses can be worn as party dresses, vacation dresses, or simple casual wear dresses. Add the final touches of a wide-brim hat, a fringed handbag, and flat sandals or ankle boots for a Boho clothing style.  

When Did Boho Fashion Begin?

The Boho trend has been circulating since the 1960s when hippies emerged. With a movement against conventional lifestyles, hippies dressed without care. In fact, the clothes they wore were in opposition to trending styles. This was an era of self-expression and freedom through fashion. So who better to mimic than the Bohemians who steer away from socialism and live a joyful lifestyle? But, Boho dressing is about so much more. The general meaning behind Boho is about freedom, and being free in the mind, body, and spirit.

Who Is Responsible for the Boho Trend?

The Boho style became modernized and took off in the early 2000s when Sienna Miller took to the streets wearing slouchy sundresses, wide-brim hats, maxi skirts, embroidered jackets, crocheted dresses, gladiator sandals, and extra-wide belts. But Sienna wasn’t the only celebrity to set this trend. Other celebrities who contributed to Boho fashion were Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, and the Olsen twins. Soon, many more celebrities began to adopt the Boho look.

The Trendy Look of Boho is Back

Now the Boho style is back and looking better than ever. This was made evident when the 2022 Spring/Summer lineup of the Ready-to-Wear collections event took place, bringing about revamped patterns, a fresh take on craftsmanship, and special attention to silhouettes.

With a contemporary version new to the traditional Boho style, women across the globe are encouraged to show off their artistic expression and free-spirited creative side. We are living in an age of escapism where the definition of styles is changing through proudly liberated fashion statements of the 21st century. 

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If you are aged 20 and up, we have many Boho Dresses available that are right for you. Join the Boho trend and get a cute Boho Dress to add to your wardrobe at an unbeatable price today.

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