What each Babe is thankful for this year!

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@buddylovesgrayson - Owner, Designer, CEO
"I'm thankful for my kids being able to go to school this year, my husband, family, and the BabeCrew!"
@buddylovespaige - Executive Director of Operations
"I'm thankful for the ability to go to events and travel again!"
@buddylovesrachel - Sr. Brand Director
"I'm thankful for good friends, good food, and good travel this year."
@buddylovestaylor - Assistant Brand Manager
"This year, I'm especially thankful for my family, friends, and having the best job at the best company."
@buddyloveskenzie - Social Media Content Coordinator
"I am thankful for new beginnings, memories made with friends/family, and another year filled with tons of kitty cuddles."
@buddylovesnatalie - Social Media Content Coordinator
"This year I am thankful for health, family + community, live music, my NEW BuddyLove family and TEXAS!"
@buddylovesblythe - Merchandise Manager
"I’m most thankful for my family, good friends, my doggo and that I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that b*tch."
@buddylovesdellanie - Merchandise Specialist
"I am thankful for where I am in life. I often times feel as though we are always looking forward to the next chapter of life or the next big thing, not appreciating where we are and what we accomplished to be here. I feel like my family and I are exactly where we need to be and I’m thankful to be here."
@carlyhaynie - Sr. Graphic Designer
"This year I’m thankful for my family’s health. Specifically, my dad continuing to beat Cancer. 👊🏼💪🏼"
@buddylovesbrynn - Retail Experiences Specialist
"I'm thankful for my family, my friends, cooler weather, the Dallas Cowboys, and Christmas time!"
@buddylovesunity - Sales Representative
"I am so thankful this year for being able to find a job with BuddyLove after being laid off due to the pandemic. I am also thankful for my family, friends, and the BuddyLove Babes."
@buddylovesleslie - Ecommerce Marketing Specialist
"This year, I am incredibly thankful for the amazing people in my life!"
@buddylovespaulette - Warehouse Operations Supervisor
"I am thankful for my babies, Kitty Cat and Robin🥺💕"
@buddyloveskaycee - Operations Coordinator
"I am thankful for my family and boyfriend for always being there for me. I am also thankful for my cat and my job at BuddyLove!"
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