21 QUESTIONS with @buddylovespaige

July 9th, 2020

Get to know Paige Parker, aka Parker, our Executive Director of Operations. Parker loves life on the lake, scaring anyone who gives her the opportunity and Dolly Parton. She's a true gem!

1. Cucumber martini or ranch water? CUCUMBER MARTINI

2. Oishii or Nobu? OISHII

3. Snake print or leopard print? LEOPARD

4. Nightclub or Netflix? NIGHTCLUB (or a fun dinner in Dallas: Drakes)

5. Ball or Paul? I love them both. I can't pick one! That's mean. (@buddylovesbre, @buddylovespage)

6. Legally Blonde or Mean Girls? LEGALLY BLONDE

7. Tubbs or Ella? Depends on the day- typically Ella. (Ella + Tubbs= sweet puppies)

8. Bath or shower? BATH

9. Freckles or dimples? DIMPLES

10. Blake or Katey? KATEY (Blake = boyfriend of 9 years. Katey = best friend of entire life)

11. Bonita dress or Ciera dress? BONITA

12. Football or baseball? FOOTBALL

13. Dolly or Reba? DOLLY

14. Math or English? MATH

15. Nickelodeon or Disney? NICKELODEON

16. Sloths or puppies? SLOTHS

17. Starbucks or Celsius? CELSIUS

18. Tulum or Hawaii? HAWAII

19. Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? AUDREY

20. Diamonds or pearls? DIAMONDS

21. Alabama or Auburn? OBVIOUSLY ALABAMA. ROLL TIDE!

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