Introducing Lola Bett DiFonzo

The designer behind our new Shapes Away print
We've got a new designer in the BabeCave! Meet Lola Bett DiFonzo - Buddy and Grayson's oldest daughter. This week, we're celebrating the launch of her first Mommy and Me Collection and print design, Shapes Away!
It's no surprise that being a fashion designer's daughter is just as much fun as it is glamorous. Endless dress-up parties and custom Barbie clothes?! Sounds like a dream to us, too! At the age of 7 and 4, Lola Bett and Gigi are quickly following in their mom's footsteps and designing clothes of their own!
Our Shapes Away print started when Lola was just 6 and painted a canvas. She loved it so much and Grayson thought it would make the perfect BuddyLove print! Lola's painting was sent to our CAD designer to create the print, which was then made into a fabric swatch. Once Grayson and Lola approved the final design, Gray designed the styles for the print!
Fast forward almost 2 years and lots of design fittings and anticipation, Lola Bett's design was put into production and the finished products are finally available for everyone to shop online, and in hundreds of boutiques across the country!
We are so excited for Lola and the entire Shapes Away collection! Head HERE to see the styles and shop this one-of-a-kind design for summer!

Watch Lola debut her very first design below!

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