BabeCrew Summer 2020 Playlists

Jul 30th, 2020

One way to reallllly get to know all the Babes is checking out what music they like. If we combined all of our playlists, you'd find every music genre out there. And yes, this sometimes leads to Alexa wars at the office! Check out each Babe's playlist below to find your favorite tracks!

The Queen, the mother, the boss of BuddyLove: Grayson! G designs our products with inspiration from art, music, family and travel. You can totally hear it in this playlist. Follow @buddylovesgrayson on IG.

Hello, Dolly! To Paige Parker, Dolly Parton is a whole lifestyle, and these two have a lot in common! Blonde business women with a love of country music! Follow @buddylovespaige on IG.

This playlist is calm, cool and collective- just like Kelly! Listen here when you're looking for some good, chill vibes. Much to our surprise, there aren't any Disney songs on here! Follow @buddyloveskelly on IG.

Page Paul has a music taste like none of the other Babes. She definitely takes the crown as the Alternative / Indie Rock queen! Follow @buddylovespage on IG.

The boss of everyone and the boss of 90's country! Cowgirl Rachel's #MCM is always King George, but don't be fooled - she'll still drop it low to some Lil Jon. Follow @buddylovesrachel on IG.

Fun fact: Taylor is the only member of the #buddylovetwerkteam who is also a mother! She loves anything with a good beat to dance to.. and she's ALWAYS ready to bust a move! Get crunk. Listen to this playlist. Follow @buddylovestaylor on IG.

LISTEN IF YOU'RE YEEHAW! This native Texan is all about some new age Texas Country Music. The perfect playlist for pregaming the Ft. Worth Stockyards! Follow @buddylovesblythe on IG.

Honestly, this may be the most confusing playlist out there. This might be a good listen if you're a gemini... or have multiple personalities. Caroline is a little bit rap, a little bit country, and a lotta bit rock n' roll! Follow @buddylovescaroline on IG.

This playlist is full of nostalgia + song most of us have never heard.. but it's SO Frankie! The most unique of all the Babes... and the tiniest... and the sweetest. Follow @buddylovesfrankie on IG.

Loud, upbeat, fun... all words that can be used to describe both this playlist and our Cali girl, Hannah. This playlist is for all the wild cards out there! Follow @buddyloveshannah on IG.

The perfect mix of hip hop and Texas country- this playlist is all American, just like Katie! Listen here for good vibes and the best beats! Follow @buddyloveskatie on IG.

Our Floridian Babe's playlist is nothing short of #ONTREND. If you're a pop country princess like Nat, you'll love this playlist! Follow @buddylovesnatalie on IG.