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With Summer coming to an end, school is starting back up which means it's time for sorority recruitment! The BuddyLove babes have put together the ultimate style guide on what to wear for rush!

Rush can be an intimidating process. But, we're here to be your ultimate rush stylists! Fun fact: almost all of the BuddyLove babes were in sororities!

Peyton Shorts | Williams Set

The second round of rush is philanthropy! During this round, potential new members will be given a t- shirt to pair with a cute skirt or a fun pair of shorts! We recommend our Williams set and just wearing the skirt for this round! The best part about a set is that you can style it so many ways! You can wear the skirt for rush and wear the top with the skirt later! We also recommend our Peyton paper bag shorts.  

Diego Dress | Pollyanna Dress

For Sisterhood, potential new members will wear a cute sundress paired with a sandals or wedges! This round is a little dressier than Philanthropy, but not as formal as Preference. For Sisterhood round, we recommend our Diego dress or our Pollyanna dress! Both of these styles are lightweight and comfortable! Finding a breezy, lightweight dress is essential in the August heat. During this round, potential new members will learn about what makes each soroity unique and the bond between the sisters!

Hudson Dress | Penny Dress

The final round of rush is preference! This is the most formal round of recruitment. At most schools, a short cocktail dress will work for this round! At this round potential new members will visit their last few houses and make their selection on which sorority they want to be in! A good rule of thumb to choosing a dress for preference is to think about an outfit that you would wear to a nice wedding! We recommend our Hudson dress in Chasing Rainbows or our Penny dress in Lilac!

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