Which Sunglasses Fit Your Ennegram Type?!

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TYPE ONE- The Reformer

HEATHER BROWN- You’re the girl who has it all together. Your everyday look is crisp, clean, and classy….and there’s nothing that screams “classic” like the 1920’s inspired tortoise shell print on the 1950’s wayfarer inspired frame.

TYPE TWO- The Helper

MAVERICK PINK- You’re just a little angel. Your heart is generous and kind in nature and you love helping others. Your love and affection radiates…just like these blush colored beauties.

TYPE THREE- The Performer

VAL BLUE- You’re the main character…the Homecoming Queen, Cheer Captain, Valedictorian, and the lead in the school play. You have an intense drive to be number one in all areas. With high quality and style being a must, the Val Blue Sunglasses are your pick because of their high quality tortoiseshell acetate frame, mirrored lens, and vintage tortoiseshell keyhole style

TYPE FOUR- The Romantic

CAPRI BROWN- You are both highly emotional and creative. You romanticize life and love being the most rare type on the enneagram. The Capri Brown’s gold framed, vintage inspired double bridge aesthetic will give your little hipster heart all the feels.

TYPE FIVE- The Observer

HEATHER BLACK- You’re intelligent and mysterious. Unlike the type three, you’re more of a wallflower…but the wheels are always turning and analyzing. The Heather Black sunglasses are the best pick for you because their oversized fit keeps you incognito.

TYPE SIX- The Loyal Skeptic

MAVERICK BLACK- You might have a personality crisis because sixes known for two things…being loyal and not being able to make up their mind about anything…even their personality! They are highly suspicious and security oriented, but at the same time are known to react in defiant rebelliousness. You definitely need to snag the Maverick Black sunglasses because their classic aviator style will make decision making a little easier! When in doubt-go classic!

TYPE SEVEN- The Enthusiast

FARRAH PINK- You go with the flow, girlfriend! You fly by the seat of your pants and might buy a plane ticket to Spain on a whim at 3AM. You need some shades as fun and funky as you! Try on the Farrah Pink Sunglasses to see the world through rose colored glasses.

TYPE EIGHT- The Challenger

VAL PINK- You’re self confident, protective, raw, striking, and dominating. Like Type Three, you strive to win and be the best… you just do so in a more competitive aggressive way. The shades you need are the Val Pink because of their bold mirrored pink lens and their high quality best- of-the-best acetate frame.

TYPE NINE- The Peacemaker

FARRAH BLUE- You are known to be the ’salt of the earth’ because of your basic, fundamental goodness. You’re a dreamer who sees the good in everyone. Everyone needs a Type Nine in their life and every Type Nine needs the Farrah Blue Sunglasses in their life. The Farrah’s rounded, vintage hippy inspired frames fit your flower child charm.

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