Women's Boho Dusters

Dress For Any Season With Our Women’s Boho Duster & Kimono Collection!

Whether you’re headed out for a warm spring day or a cool fall evening, you can’t go wrong with a duster or kimono. These put the perfect finishing touches on your outfit. Adding a duster or kimono to an otherwise plain outfit can transform it into an absolute statement that draws all eyes to you.

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With Our Women's Boho Duster & Kimono Collection, You Can Dress For Any Season!

No matter how you wear these, if you’re like us, you’re always looking to add more to your wardrobe. And there is no better place to find high-quality women’s boho dusters than right here at Buddy Love! Sometimes referred to as boho kimonos, these are some of our most popular items on-site. And for good reason - they’re simply stunning! We have the best collection of country western dusters online, with a wide range of colors, styles, and lengths to choose from. Are you having a hard time picking between a few different options? Why not grab them both! When you spend over $150, we will cover the shipping for you. Shop now and join the family!

Boho Kimono vs Boho Duster - Is There Any Difference?

When you start browsing around online, you’ll see people often refer to these as either a duster or kimono. Is there any difference between these, or do they mean the same thing? To us, a boho duster is a longer length almost to the floor garment and a boho kimono is shorter, typically ending at the knee.

Why Buddy Love Is The Best Place To Find Your Next Boho Kimono and Country Western Inspired Duster

With so many online boutiques claiming they offer the best boho kimono collection online, it can be a bit tough to determine where you should shop. Believe us when we say that when it comes to country dusters, though, there is no better choice than here at Buddy Love. From our unmatched quality to our diverse selection, to our sense of community, there is no shortage of reasons why we’re the #1 bohemian clothing store online.

A Diverse Selection Of Amazing, High-Quality Country Dusters

Once you get your hands on that new Buddy Love bohemian country western duster, you’ll realize you made the right choice. Our quality simply cannot be beaten! We pay a great deal of attention to every detail, every stitch in our clothing. Plus, we only source the highest-quality raw materials. As such, we’re able to produce the highest-quality boho dusters.

A Boho Clothing Brand That Welcomes You With Open Arms

We truly love boho clothing - and the lifestyle this clothing represents. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome you into our community of women who all love bohemian culture as much as we do! No matter what your background, age, or size/shape, our clothing is for you. If you’re new to this style and want some help putting your outfit together, take our style quiz so we can give you personalized recommendations!

We’ve Got Other Clothes To Match Your New Boho Duster, Too!

Along with our country western dusters, you’ll find a full catalog of other boho clothes to shop among as well! We have both boho tops and boho bottoms, boho bags, and much, much more! So what are you waiting for? Shop boutique boho and join the family here at Buddy Love today - we’re excited to have you with us!


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