21 QUESTIONS with @buddylovesgrayson

July 9th, 2020

Meet our HBIC, Grayson LyBrand Difonzo. BuddyLove's CEO, designer, and main source of entertainment in the BabeCave! Grayson is the queen of making up new words for everyday things and has one of the best laughs you'll ever hear.

1. The Heathers or Troop Beverly Hills? OOOOOH... Heathers, personally. With my kids, Troop Beverly Hills.

2. Cardio or weight training? UGHHHH cardio

3. Snake print or leopard print? LEOPARD. Always leopard!

4. Bath or shower? Bath at the end of the day, shower at the beginning of the day.

5. Kim or Kylie? KIM

6. Mornings or nights? MORNINGS

7. Colleen Rothschild or Peter Thomas Roth? PETER THOMAS ROTH

8. Miraval or Whispering Angel? MIRAVAL

9. Tulum or Breckenridge? TULUM

10. Brad or Leo? BRAD! A HUNDREDDD

11. Barbies or Cabbage Patch Kids ? Now, Barbies. For me, Cabbage Patch Kids.

12. Sweet or sour? SWEET

13. Mama Mia or Wicked? MAMA MIA

14. The North Tunic or Zozo Dress? ZOZO

15. Post Malone or DirtyHeads? POST MALONE. LOVE YOU POST!!!

16. Peace sign pose or kissy pose? 50/50.. OR A DOUBLE! KISSY + PEACE

17. Al Biernat's or Nick & Sam's? AL BIERNAT'S

18. Sushi or tacos? SUSHI

19. Mean Girls or The Heathers? AUDREY

20. Starbucks or Celsius? CELSIUS

21. Diamonds or sapphires? BOTH! COMBO!