A Few Lessons Learned + New Year Resolutions from the Babe Crew

Paige Parker

"I really learned how to adapt to all the curveballs life can throw this year. More often than not, things won't go as planned and that's okay! I also learned to never take travel for granted. It's one of my favorite hobbies and cancelling so many trips this year sucked but that was just one of life's curveballs!"

  • Use all my flight points that didn't get used this year. Don't care where I'm going, just ready to cure my travel bug!
  • Start playing the trumpet again


"As much as I hated being stuck at home, I enjoyed extra time with Austyn and getting to watch her grow and learn new things daily. Mainly, I learned to expect the unexpected this year. 2020 was a rollercoaster and as soon as it felt like things were getting better, something else threw me for a loop. All that to say, I've never been more thankful for my health, job, and family."

  • As soon as we are able to go out and do things (mostly) freely, I want to take Austyn everywhere. She has spent 9 months of her little 2 year life in a pandemic and hasn’t been able to experience things we would normally take a toddler to experience. She loves animals, learning, and playing in any way possible. So I want to take her to the zoo, the aquarium, the Perot museum, and all the indoor play areas we can find.
  • Try to get out of my own introverted ways and enjoy life more. 2020 and quarantine was nice (for awhile) for someone who enjoys being home, but now I want to go have drinks with friends and date nights with Nick.

Page Paul

"I definitely learned a lot in 2020. I’ve done an immensely better job at budgeting and prioritizing where I spend my money than I have in the past. Mostly because being at home all day every day made me realize I definitely need a nicer home with some sort of yard to hang out in."

  • Buy our first home
  • Grow my following on rewardStyle/Instagram
  • Launch our very best BuddyLove line yet!


"2020 made me realize that dining out and trying new restaurants is hands down one of my favorite hobbies that I will never take for granted again! I also learned that turning 30 isn't all that bad, especially when you still look 27 😜. I'm content in my place in life and realize that everyone is on a different journey timeline!"

  • Lay down my expectations to receive what God has in store for me. To stop trying to plan out the way I think things "should" be and accept God's timing.
  • "Unfollow" friendships that serve only as a negative influence in my life and instead, nurture those who provide a positive.


"This year I learned to be positive and take advantage of life slowing down. It helped me reflect on myself in regards to where I am in my life and where I want to be. I spent quality time with Ford and Harlee which I will cherish forever and what I will think about when I look back on 2020."

  • Workout 3 times a week
  • Reconnect with TCU Alumni in Fort Worth


"2020 taught me enough lessons to write a novel, but the biggest one is the importance of filling your cup with what matters most, which are often the simplest of things. Quality time with family, phone calls with my grandpa, evening walks with Garrett and Nash... ya know, the things we tend to take for granted. This year also helped me really live in the moment and be more present everyday. AKA it's okay to put your phone away more often!"

  • Start cooking HEALTHY meals at home more
  • Take Nash to see and do alllllll the things! The majority of his first year of life was spent in quarantine and now that he's getting older, we can tell he's a social baby and we're so excited to show him the world!


"If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that taking time to step back and slow down from the craziness of life is always a good idea. This year also helped me realize that it's okay to put yourself first."

  • Cook at home more often
  • Read at least one book a month


"2020 taught me to take every chance I get because you never know what could come from an opportunity. I also realized just how well retail therapy works for me, which probably isn't a good thing 😂."

  • Cross things off my bucket list that I wasn't able to do this year
  • Join Sunday School!


"This year I learned how to clean a bathtub, which is actually really hard. I also learned that not all glass containers are microwave safe lol. But in all seriousness, I've learned that doubting yourself brings nothing but stress and anxiety, and that we all need to believe in ourselves more because things will always work out!"

  • Be more organized! When I have things scheduled, I am in a better mood because I have control over what is happening day to day.
  • Make goals and commit to them. It's always super easy to say I'm going to do this and that, but hard to continuously stick with it, like working out.
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